Change of Mercedes air filters.

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Mercedes air filtersIn cars of this company there are two kinds of air filters – for engine and particulate filter for the cabin. Cabin unit has an excellent filtration with a large bandwidth. There comes a time, and pores in air filter become clogged with dust, fumes and sand. Bandwidth capabilities of it are deteriorating, which immediately leads to a drop in engine power. All of this happens gradually and is not evident. But it is necessary to replace it, the difference is felt immediately.

Cabin filters, as well as the engine one, protects the interior from dust and exhaust gases. It has one more perfect property. It stops moisture in the cab car. And if you notice that the humidity in the cabin during the rain is increased, there are misted windows and siding – it’s time to change the filter. Scheduled both filter changes should be carried out not less than after 10-15 thousand kilometers. A small error can be tolerated, but not more than 500 km.