Snow chains.

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Chains for the car wheels significantly increase the grip of the wheels, and thus significantly increase the permeability of the snow or off-road. Another advantage of the wheel chains is that they can be put directly before the off-road and to go on the route in normal mode.

Snow chainsCar snow chains are divided into hard and soft snow chains. The advantage of the hard chains (metal) is in the best terrain, but moving them is recommended up to 40 km / h, otherwise there is the possibility of damage to the vehicle powertrain components. Soft (reinforced rubber “lugs”, rubber snow chains) of the chain are less adapted to the road, however, they can be set perfectly on any tire uniformly entangle rubber, easy to dress up, more harmless to tread, retain their elasticity in winter and allow to develop a speed of up to 80 km / h.
Also on the chain wheel may vary in pattern (for example a ladder, a rhombus, a cell).