The truth about TOYOTA cars.

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toyota carsCar magazines of all countries are in a hurry to share important news about the TOYOTA brand. The Japanese company has recalled more than four million vehicles in the US. According to the automaker TOYOTA, a review of the United States of such a huge number of cars was caused by the need for a more detailed adjustment of the gas pedal, and troubleshoot it. This review was the largest in history.

Repatriation has affected eight types of machines, one of which is a model of Lexus. And there was a problem in the following: mat near the driver could get in certain situations on the gas pedal and lock it by yourself, which could eventually lead to disastrous consequences. Incidentally slipping mat and led to 100 accidents in the United States, one of which resulted in the death of three people.

After such high-profile events the brand TOYOTA withdrew from the States more than a hundred thousand vehicles, although said that those cars needed to be recalled. A company committed such an event in order not to ruin the reputation of America’s markets.