2014 Hyundai Accent SE Review

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Manufacture Hyundai is always been known for its affordable transportation any accent continues that tradition as the least expensive model in the lineup inside all of the accent when they’re really mistaken for luxury vehicle. The interior features soft touch surfaces on the dashboard as well as the upper door panels. The door panels themselves also get really nice looking cloth inserts that match the seats. Yes he models is there the top trim level also receive a leather steering wheel as well a cylinder shift now. The gauges are clear. Easy to read and simple to use. Both the driver and front seat passenger will find plenty of head shoulder he up and legroom. Steering wheel itself. Tilts land on all but the based yes model telescopes is well.

2014 Hyundai Accent SECompetitions in back, Our typical for sub compact. 2 adults will probably find it adequate but tight while there’s little room for a third person. Storage behind the rear seat is 21.2 cubic feet while folding the rear seats down ups there to a very useful 45.7 cubic feet the only engine available for the accent is Hyundai’s 1.6. Gamma 4 cylinder. With state of the art direct injection it produces 138 horsepower but with only 123 pound feet of torque on tap. You might expect. With an automatic transmission then it’s going to do a lot of hunting up and down into the gears. It does that a bit. But thanks to the fact that it’s a 6 speed this hunting really is kind of kept to a minimum as you might expect from a subcompact. Fuel economy is one of the accents high points. The EPA rated 273731 city highway combined mileage. While my own observe fuel economy was 28.7 miles per gallon in city driving which is really excellent. On the road The accent Essie model in particular. Feels both noble and well planted although there’s not a lot of isolation from some of the larger bumps and road imperfections. New Hyundai accent headlight price – visit web site. Steering it’s both quick as well as well weighted although the overall feel isn’t quite as sharp as some of the top vehicles in this class notably the Honda fit. The Ford fiesta as well as the Mazda to.

Eccentricity including a destination charge starts at $15455 for a base GLS with a 6 speed manual transmission prices top out at $19800 for an SU model like this one equipped with all the available accessories including a power moon roof our Essie automatic lack both the moon roof and a few of those accessories. Total MSRP came to $18315. So some final thoughts on the Hyundai accent and see. A few years ago American small car buyers had little to choose from and even less to look forward to when buying a subcompact car. All that fortunately is changed in the Hyundai accent as he hatchback with one of the best new car warranties in the business is right in the thick of it. Giving buyers a lot of bang for the Buck. And with only a few tweaks to its driving dynamics holding it back from being one of the best in the same. Put subscribe to stay up to date on our newest vehicle reviews and to see more about the vehicle feature.